Case Study: Bankless Consulting's 'DAO in a Box' Solution for MedDAO

May 3, 2023


  • Client: MedDAO, a team of healthcare professionals aiming to revolutionize their industry with blockchain technology.

  • Solution Applied: Bankless Consulting's "DAO in a Box".

Challenges Identified

  1. Roadmap Creation: Developing a practical and executable roadmap for their blockchain-based vision.

  2. DAO Formation: Transitioning from concept to a functioning Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

  3. Community Engagement: Building awareness in both medical and web3 communities.

  4. Tokenomics and Governance: Establishing a sustainable tokenomics and governance model.

  5. Brand Identity: Crafting a compelling brand story for wider appeal and adoption.

Bankless Consulting's Strategic Approach

  • Weekly Sprints: Collaborating closely with MedDAO in regular sprints for design and development.

  • DAO MVP Development: Designing, prototyping, and launching the DAO's Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Governance Model Design: Tailoring a governance framework suited to MedDAO's unique requirements.

  • Tokenomics Structure: Developing a token model focused on usability and long-term member incentives.

  • Branding and Community Strategy: Crafting a brand identity and community engagement plan.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Formulating a market entry strategy to maximize impact and adoption.


  • Successful DAO Launch: The MedDAO was successfully launched with a robust framework and clear governance.

  • Enhanced Market Presence: A strong brand identity and community strategy improved MedDAO's visibility and appeal.

  • Future-Ready Plan: A comprehensive go-to-market strategy, ready for implementation, was established.


Through Bankless Consulting's 'DAO in a Box' solution, MedDAO transformed from a concept into a fully operational DAO. The partnership's success lies in the meticulous design and implementation of a comprehensive strategy encompassing technology, governance, tokenomics, branding, and market entry. This case study demonstrates the efficacy of specialized consulting services in facilitating the seamless transition of traditional industries into the realm of blockchain and DAOs.