Case Study: Bankless Consulting's Education Program for the Shimmer Community

Feb 2, 2023


  • Initiative: Bankless Consulting's Education Program

  • Target Audience: The Shimmer community, consisting of many inexperienced users in web3 primitives

  • Solution Applied: WEB3 Training

Problem Identification

  • The Shimmer community, though enthusiastic, lacks knowledge in crucial web3 aspects such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • The Shimmer Network, supporting tokenization of various assets without fees, necessitates a deeper understanding of these concepts for effective utilization.

Solution Development

  • Designed Course: An interactive course focused on educating the Shimmer community about DeFi.

  • Topics Covered:

    • Wallets and interaction with DeFi.

    • Token swaps: DEX (AMM) vs centralized exchanges.

    • Yield farming: strategies and risks.

    • Engagement: voting and contributing.

    • Token lending: Basics of DeFi lending/borrowing with demonstrations on Maker, Aave, and Alchemix.

    • Tokenomics 101: Understanding value, market cap, and price.

    • Investment Awareness: Identifying red and green flags in new projects.


  • Methodology: Interactive workshops with targeted Q&A sessions.

  • Resource Distribution: Providing artefacts from the lessons as study material for the community.


  • Increased Awareness: Enhanced understanding of DeFi among the Shimmer community.

  • Community Engagement: Active participation in workshops and subsequent discussions.

  • Resource Utilization: Widespread use of provided study materials for ongoing learning.


Bankless Consulting’s initiative has successfully bridged the knowledge gap in the Shimmer community, empowering them with essential skills and understanding to navigate and utilize the Shimmer Network effectively. The interactive approach and comprehensive content have laid a foundation for sustained growth and engagement in web3 applications.