Case Study: Bankless Consulting's Support for Quest of Evolution's Web3 Transition

Sep 10, 2023


  • Project: Quest of Evolution, an emerging DAO focused on decentralized publishing for novels and intellectual properties.

  • Objective: To refine their business approach and pitch deck for VC presentations.

  • Solution Applied: WEB3 Discovery Sprint

Challenges Faced by Quest of Evolution

  • Adapting the traditional publishing business model to the nuances of web3.

  • Structuring the organizational framework of their DAO.

  • Developing a comprehensive tokenomics plan.

  • Crafting a profit distribution model for DAO-co-authored intellectual properties.

Bankless Consulting’s Intervention

  • Methodology: Organizing workshops and iterative development of business models.

  • Key Focus Areas:

    • Tokenomics Model: Establishing a viable token economy for the DAO.

    • Business Model Enhancement: Leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology for publishing.

    • DAO Organizational Design: Structuring the DAO for efficiency and scalability.

    • Pitch Deck Redesign: Creating a compelling and clear investor deck.


  • Robust Business Case: The Quest of Evolution now has a solid business case tailored for web3 with sound tokenomics

  • Enhanced Investor Deck: The redesigned pitch deck effectively communicates the project's value proposition to VCs.


Bankless Consulting’s strategic guidance and tailored workshops played a pivotal role in transitioning Quest of Evolution into a web3-savvy DAO. The transformation not only refined their business model but also equipped them with a persuasive pitch deck. This case study exemplifies the potential of expert consulting in bridging the gap between traditional business practices and the evolving web3 landscape.