Navigating the Buzz of ETH Denver: A First-Timers Guide to Embracing the Chaos

Feb 27, 2024

ETH Denver is a major event for the WEB3 community. It brings together thousands of people worldwide to explore, create, and celebrate the constantly evolving world of blockchain, DAOs, and crypto. The excitement of attending such a huge event can be both thrilling and overwhelming for those attending for the first time. However, don't worry; we have put together a super simple guide to help you navigate ETH Denver easily and make the most of your experience without getting lost in the chaos.

The Pulse of ETH Denver: Community at Its Core

ETH Denver is not just a conference; it's a community-driven festival celebrating collaboration and innovation in the crypto space. Attendees can feel the buzz of enthusiasm and see tangible projects being built and executed, as there is a hackathon happening simultaneously. However, with attendees reaching up to 30,000 to 40,000, the event can feel like an endless labyrinth of possibilities.

Embrace the Chaos: The Art of Going with the Flow

It's important to remember that the sheer size of ETH Denver and its numerous main and side events make it impossible to experience everything.

The first lesson of the event is to prioritize enjoyment over exhaustive planning. Although you may be tempted to micromanage your schedule, ETH Denver is a prime example of the beauty of spontaneity. Excellent discussions may lead to delightful delays, and an impromptu decision to join new friends for an unforeseen party could lead to unforgettable experiences.

The spirit of ETH Denver thrives on unpredictability, so it's best to embrace it.

Side Events: Signup for everything free and pick the best-paid events

Many side events are happening at ETH Denver, each showcasing a unique aspect of the internet native world. While most of these events are free, some require a fee, which may include extra benefits like guaranteed entry or other perks. Check the details before signing up for any paid events; the promise of VC funding for $99 might not get you the best start for your startup.

Whether you attend free or paid events, they offer a structured yet flexible way to experience ETH Denver. This approach allows you to balance going with the flow and having a backup plan. Remember, the aim is to fully immerse yourself in the community and explore the various opportunities available rather than strictly adhering to a fixed schedule.

Do this: Pick the first event you would like to attend in the morning, followed by an event after lunch, a happy hour event, and an event for late evening. However, remember that the plans for the latter part of the day may change depending on the people you meet and interact with during the day, as that is what always happens to us.

Thats why you should always sign up for all the free events and take advantage of any "+1" offers. You never know when your plans might change, and you'll need a ticket. If you don't have a ticket, don't panic. Going with a group of people who already have tickets usually allows you to register on the spot for day events. However, evening events may be more challenging to get to.

Making the Most of Your ETH Denver Experience

  • Don't Overplan

  • Sign Up for Side Events

  • Stay Open and Flexible

We will be there.

Bankless Consulting team has been a part of ETH Denver's journey, witnessing its growth and evolution firsthand. We will be there again; we don't plan our schedule too tight, but if you want to meet, email us at

We can only tell you what our first event in the morning is, and we can meet there! Because after that, we never know where the flow will take us!

February 28: DAO Castle - (discount code: BanklessDAO30)

February 29: Let’s hit the gym at 10 AM with

March 1st: ETH Denver main venue

Enjoy Denver

Daniel Seidler (DSide) & Jan Brezina